Quotations of petroleum coke in the Turkish direction remain high

In Turkey, the quotations of imported petroleum coke remain high. Fuel from the United States with sulfur 4.5-5.5% is offered at 101-105 $ / ton CIF Turkey (unchanged for the week), with sulfur 5.5-7% - at 98-100 $ / ton CIF. According to our data, small quantities of petroleum coke from Russia are also available on the market. The indicative price for medium – grained products is in the range of 102-105 $/t CIF Turkey, for high-grained products-96-100 $/t CIF.

In early January, some cement companies entered the market with requests for such products, but the transactions were isolated. Today, many importers prefer to contract thermal coal at more favorable prices. At the same time, consumers are keeping their finger on the pulse in anticipation of a pullback in the price of petroleum coke. We believe that cement producers will be ready to accept offers from suppliers of petroleum coke when the price difference with coal is reduced to at least 20-25%.
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