Demand for anthracite in Southern Europe pushes prices up

According to Metal Expert, the anthracite market in Southern Europe is experiencing an increase in interest in the products. Importers are actively sending out requests for coal; the largest number of requests came from steel mills. In turn, many suppliers were able to play for the increase.

ASH grade coal in January was available at $85-90/t CIF Italy ($90/t CIF in December), AM grade – at $120/t CIF ($115-118/t CIF), AKO grade-at $ 127-130 /t CIF ($122 / t CIF). The main cargo flow of Russian anthracite comes from the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin.

We believe that in February, the demand for anthracite in the southern regions of Europe will continue to increase, which will allow exporters to strengthen quotes again.
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